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Incall Marietta-Kennesaw

Hello. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Andrea, a beautiful 45-year old woman who absolutely loves tantric experiences and men! I stand 5’ 7” and weigh 160 pounds with beautiful natural D-Breasts. I take good care of my body and am in great shape with a beautiful face! I am from in Marietta near the Kennesaw side. I have an incall location to host our get together. I am very independent, not to mention extroverted, out-going, and easy to make new friends!! I am very funny and bubbly. We will have a lot to talk about!! You will leave me feeling like you made a new friend !! Carpe Diem!

I am innovative tantric specialist with an intense passion for the art of seduction. My unique techniques are designed to stimulate the libido, increase your ability to respond positively to sensual stimulus. I will have you immensely satisfied after this explosive experience. I am the girl next door with a little naughty side. I’m accustomed to spoiling and pleasing gentlemen of all kinds due to my years of intuitive perception of how different erotic stimulus will result in varying responses from the males species. I’ve been in the adult entertainment business for years and have mastered the art of tantric tease and dermal stimulation. Many of my clients have ED from medical issues or years of non use and I have been extremely successful in raising the dead. My charm and beauty will captivate you... I will become your close oncall friend, as well as your body rub specialist.


We’re going to be good, very personal friends. So I would like to know a little about you too. When you first write to me, please tell me a little about yourself – your name, your age, your occupation, what you liked about my posting, what you are looking forward to when we get together. If you have ED or PE issues, just let me know – and please do not feel any embarrassment whatsoever. Those issues are medical – just like having any other medical issue. Let me know when you would like to visit me!

Gentlemen: Are you looking for a wonderful experience with a beautiful woman? Are you looking to have a connection with a woman without the responsibilities of taking care of her, marrying her, having babies with her?? Are you looking to just have some fun, enjoy intimacy and get the juices flowing without the emotional drain that most women will cause??? I am your greatest escape. I fulfill those needs without expectations or drama.


I love to please. I love long, sensuous sessions – with my magical hands providing three distinct touch types one right after the other in a specially crafted session. I love for you to have your outstanding moments of pleasure and as many of them as you want. I think that the ideal amount of time for our get-together is 2 hours for you to get this full experience. If you are pressed for time, I can do a one hour or 90 minute session, but it is a bit more rushed and we may not have as much time to chat and get to know each make this a more fulfilling experience

I am intelligent and thoughtful and I want to have time together during which we build a friendship that becomes a long-term relationship. You come to me when you need a recharge!! No one can do that in a short period of time.

Our time together will of course involve intimacy, but will really be about much more than that. It will also be about me giving you the attention you want, the time listening to you that you want, the appreciation that you want, and the sensuous touches that you want. I want to make you feel like a million dollars on multiple levels – as a romantic interest, as a friend, and finally as a companion!

If you are here and I've still got your attention, here is the whole thing, which does not fit into an online ad. Please watch the video at the end of the Erotic Session and I think you'll agree that a great Happy Finish trumps all other forms of intimate pleasures!!


The world’s greatest tantric experience is not about sex – it is about making you feel great about yourself! It is about making you feel loved and appreciated. There will be a lot of physical touching, stimulation, arousal, and an orgasm, to be sure, but none of these are memorable! If you want an orgasm, you can give one to yourself quite easily. In fact, most men give themselves one every day. What you can never give yourself is the feeling of love and appreciation.


You want a wonderful rub experience with a beautiful woman who will be attentive, appreciative, understanding, loving. You will never remember the Happy Finish, the Grand Finale; rather, you will remember how I made you feel as a man.


The emotional component is ten times more important than the physical components. John Gray in his book “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” points out that the number one thing a man wants from a relationship with a woman is to be treated as competent. A wife should say things like, “Honey, you did a brilliant job mowing the grass; you did a fantastic job fixing the washing machine; you were so smart fixing that leak.” A man wants that more than he wants great sex!! You are probably the same!


I am not in the s*x business. I am in the emotional support business. I am a therapist, a counselor, a psychologist, a psychiatrist; I am with you to listen and to be emotionally supportive.

Gentlemen who read my ad are obviously very intelligent – otherwise, they could not get through this many pages!! Also, gentlemen who call me are interested in a lot more than just a quick one-time fling – they are looking for friendship and companionship that will endure.

I would like to share some of my thoughts with you. First, I thought that this would be about one thing and one thing only. After all, I have heard throughout my life that men have only one thing on their minds every minute of every day and night – s*x. I have read articles that claim that a man thinks about sex every 10 seconds!! I thought this would be a situation where I would open the door and a gentleman would want immediate gratification. Now I know the reality.

The reality is more like this. You are reading this ad because you feel an innate need for female companionship. There is something missing in your life. You may be married, but that special romantic passion is not present any more. Your body is pushing you to find a woman with whom to share that special romantic passion once again. It is a basic male need – as basic as the need for air, water, food, shelter, and clothing. It is present in you every minute of every day. It drives you.

Everything a man does is done to impress a woman so she will be romantically attracted to him. In today’s world, men get an education so they can get great jobs so they can impress the women and get rewarded with the special romantic passion they want. In short, since the beginning of time the main drive in men has been one thing.

Men don’t need to think about that one thing. It is hormonal. It drives every man every minute of every day. Ultimately, it does involve a male explosion. But I think that a lot more is involved than just that. After all, a man can create his own explosions easily and quickly (and most men do and do often!). There is something more, something “extra”. And that “extra” is the whole point. That “extra” is what drives men to turn to Back Page. It is that “extra” that is everything.

That “extra” has been described in many books over the years. I will try to describe it from my point of view from what I have learned. First, not that you are shallow, but you want a woman who is beautiful in the face, with beautiful large breasts, soft skin, a nice butt and long legs (and other nice equipment). That is natural. We all prefer the attractive to the unattractive, so don’t feel that it is inappropriate to prefer an attractive woman.

Second, you want a woman who appreciates you for who you are. You want to be appreciated for your accomplishments in life. You want to be with a woman who makes you feel special. You want a woman who thinks you are wonderful for who you are and what you have done. This too is natural to men. Women don’t usually feel a need to be appreciated in quite the same way. Men feel a basic need to be treated as being competent in what they do. A man feels very vulnerable when his woman fails to appreciate his competence. You want 100% acceptance and unconditional love.

Third, you want a woman who will pay 100% attention to you when you are together – no interruptions from cell phones, etc. This will become a private universe where no one else exists – just you and me, alone, together.

Fourth, you want your physical needs to be met. You want your back scratched! You want your muscles massaged. You want your skin to be soothed. And like every human being – man and woman – you want to have an explosion. The drive toward that explosion is one of the absolutely most basic drives in all of us. It is why you turned to Back Page.

Fifth, you want a woman with whom you are comfortable. You want a woman with whom you can talk. I relate well to mature gentlemen. I am youthful and full of life. I love the company of older gentleman!!

Sixth, you want that magical spark of romance and intrigue. We all want it. We all remember forever our first love. We would all like to be able to recreate that once-in-a-lifetime feeling we had then. We all know that a large part of the excitement is the initial conquest. We certainly all know that it is hard to keep that excitement alive in a marriage over the course of years. (And we all know that the easiest way to find it again is to start a new relationship.)

No man can ever give himself an org-asm as good as a woman gives him because all those “extra” things are missing. No human being can ever tickle himself / herself. It just simply cannot be done by anyone, ever. In contrast, every human being can create an explosion for himself/herself. But not as good as one created by someone else!!

When you visit me, we should each be filled with an expectant attitude that today is going to be one of the best days ever! If you are romantic, perhaps you will have some flowers or a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine! Or bring some sexy scented candles that I can light up for our time together!! Aromatherapy is an added stimulus for our session. I will be wearing my beautiful and classy lingerie. When the door opens and we see each other for the first time, let it be magical. Greet me with a hug and a kiss !!

Of course, I know that you will probably have some nervousness. You are meeting someone new for the first time ever and you do not know what to expect. You do not know whether all will be as it is stated. I have the same apprehension about you! But we will get pass this.

My session works like this: I will meet you at the door, greet you with a hug and kiss, then sit on the sofa talking for a few minutes. Then I will invite you to the massage table, ask you to place the “tribute” on the countertop, ask you to get comfortable (meaning: undress completely), and lie down on the table facing up (the exact opposite of most massages, which start with the client on his stomach).

My session is timed to the minute! I watch the clocks carefully so I know where I should be every minute. I do this so that every inch of you gets the attention it deserves. I am not clock watching to see what time I need to kick you out of the room. I am not that girl !!


I provide three separate types of touches, all in one session: near-therapeutic, dermal stimulation, and epidermal stimulation.


Let me briefly describe each of the three touch types. The first touch is a near-therapeutic kneading. I cannot call that a massage because I am not licensed yet. Only a licensed professional can provide a true therapeutic massage! And Sites that have a special place for those licensed professionals to advertise. I imitate the style of those professionals. I imitate their techniques -- kneading, rolling, etc. But I provide tantric touch, not massages.

I start a session with you lying on the table with your face toward the ceiling. I stand at the “head” of the table and start by relaxing your shoulders and upper back muscles. Then I do a “scalp massage” using two different techniques. First, I use the heels of my open palms to rock your scalp back and forth slowly, while allowing my fingers to slide up and down over your ears. I do this for a reason: it is a foreshadowing that I will be touching areas of your body that no one has ever touched before!

Second, I use firm fingertips to lovingly caress your scalp. I’ll ask which of the two methods you prefer, and then use that method. Then I move on to the forehead, using the same type of open palm massage to rock your forehead back and forth slowly. From there, I move on to his temples, starting with the heels of my hands and then switching to my thumbs.

Now the face massage starts in earnest. I move on to your jaw muscles – which are the strongest human muscle as measured by weight. Then the chin and lip muscles. I will then use two index fingertips to massage the pressure points at the bridge of your nose and the base of your ears. I will rub gently your ears!

Then it is time to begin the second division.  I will start with your shoulders, stretch out your arms, and work downward toward your hands – upper arm muscles, followed by your lower arm muscles. I have a very special treat for your hands – an interlocking palm massage. I literally use all 10 of my digits to intertwine your 5 digits, and use my thumbs to “massage” the pads of your thumb and four fingers. You probably do not know just how pleasurable the sensation of having the areas of skin on the sides of your fingers actually is until you experience that pleasure for the first time! Probably no one ever touches that area of your body – not even your significant other. The only time in our lives when another human touches us there is when we are holding hands with fingers intertwined – a rare event - and one associated with great romantic pleasure.

Then I will repeat the same process for the other arm/hand/fingers division. The third division will be a mirror image of the second division. And I will follow the exact same process that I followed for the first! PREDICTABILITY. You will know exactly what to expect! (another 10 minutes)

When I move on to the fourth and fifth divisions, you can almost predict what to expect: a sequence very similar to the second and third divisions. In other words, I will do your legs/feet/toes just like I did your arms/hands/fingers.

I will “massage” the toes by pulling them gently outward. I will do the interspaces. The sensation of having the areas of skin on the sides of the toes touched is an exquisite pleasure few will ever forget! Yes, I will use my index fingers to lovingly caress the inter-spaces of your toes one by one (not multiple interlocking like the fingers between there just isn’t enough room!). Sometimes I do the upper and lower leg muscles of both legs so that I can do both feet one right after the other.

But I have a special treat above and beyond the sensuous touching of the toes inter-spaces. I use a hot towel compress to clean each foot before I begin the foot session. I will tell you, “I am going to apply a hot towel compress to your foot to relax the muscles of your foot.”

After I do the rubbing portion of each foot, I once again apply a hot towel compress to that foot. Sometimes I do another cool thing: as I remove the hot wet towel by pulling it off, I replace it inch by inch with a hot dry towel. Once in a while, I heat the dry towel as it replaces the wet towel with a hair dryer! And once in a great while, I run the hair dryer up and down your body to warm you up!

Have you ever had a hot towel compress applied to your feet in your whole life? It is an exquisite pleasure. The hair dryer treatment: a very special treat. Waving the blow dryer over your entire body is an additional special treat.

And now on to the sixth and final division. The back consists of the upper back, the middle back, and the lower back. Let's not ignore the butt -- that is where the most powerful muscles of the body -- the upper leg muscles -- connect to the main pelvic bone. That area is always knotted and needs attention. Then the rest of the muscle groups that are found there need attention. EVERY human being on the face of the planet loves a great butt rub!!

True professionals hate to conduct a session in less than a full hour because each area barely receives a minute of attention. If you truly love body rubs, try a full 2-hour-on-the-table session. That simply can't be equaled!



After that near-therapeutic portion of your session, let's move on to the dermal stimulation part. This session is designed to stimulate the middle layer of skin. That is much easier to do than it might sound! And in fact you have done it to yourself every day of your life, and your girlfriend / significant other has probably done that for you a few times. It is as simple as a scratch. But try to convince your girlfriend / significant other to scratch your body all over -- 100% -- and you'll find it an unlikely scenario. Men have told me their girlfriends have given them a body session, once or twice in their entire relationship. However, it would be more likely to get a girl to stop shopping before you are going to get them to give you a body scratching on a regular basis !!! A scratching session of the whole body is one of life’s grandest pleasures, so I'll do what your girlfriend or wife will not !!

The Scratching Session serves a purpose here. It is designed to stimulate the middle layer of the skin – ALL the skin of the body. Physical stimulation and mental relaxation.

Remember, this is a gentle scratch – no marks!! If you want more pressure in certain areas, just ask for more pressure (i.e., just say “scratch harder, please!”

I try not to lift both hands off at the same time because I do not want to break continuity!!

Dogs love that. Cats love that. HUMANS LOVE THAT EVEN MORE!!

When its time to flip you over I will repeat this to your other side!! I will scratch you in the same manner as I scratched your back side – I use a technique that will resemble the pattern of me mowing the grass. It will be a slow, methodical coverage of your entire body. Yes, this includes your scalp and all the way down to your feet.

I am going to do something to you that no one has ever done before – I am going to scratch every cell of your face – except your eyelids!! I would say “every square inch of your face” but your face is not square, it is round. Again, this is a light, gentle scratch – no marks! You have no idea how wonderful it feels to have your face scratched – but now you will know it is something you will want to have on a regular basis! Even your ears will receive my tender loving attention!”


And after the near-therapeutic portion followed by the gentle scratching session, let's move on to the epidermal stimulation. This session is designed to stimulate the outer layer of skin. It is unlikely you have ever felt the extreme pleasure that this type of stimulation provides. For this type of body rub, my very, very soft fingertips ever so gently glide across the outer layer of your skin. I use a touch that is lighter than a feather. In fact, this is called a feather touch. It feels as gentle as the sensation of a single feather gently moving across your skin. It feels heavenly.

But much better than that is the tremendous build-up that you will feel as I approach the last area of your body with this feathery touching. I go in the same order for all three types of touches and that means that the back and butt are last. I will tease your butt and the insides of your upper legs with feathery touches that are extremely pleasurable!

During this Session, I will use just my soft fingertips using very, very light touches. For many parts of your body, this will feel like tickling! For those areas, we will either apply more pressure to eliminate that tickling sensation or we will skip over those areas!

You came to me for a tantric session, a physical touching. Yet in reality a mere physical touching is not quite enough if it is not done in a caring, loving manner. A robot can touch you, but you will never feel emotionally satisfied. Only a human can touch you in a caring, loving manner that satisfies you emotionally

Again, this is a slow, methodical process...covering every inch of your body. Scalp, face, back, neck, butt....etc. I will be regimented in my techniques and thoroughly cover each of your body part. With the longer sessions, I am able to do a second run over your entire body. The Feather Touch Session feels so devine that I've had many not want me to stop !! I

Well, when this part of your sesson comes to an end...we can start on something even better. The Erotic Session !!! Now that you have been put in a wonderful state of relaxation, let's work on releasing any stress and tension that may be remaining in your body and mind !! 


Every woman will provide a sensual massage to at least one man during the course of her lifetime that includes a traditional Happy  Finish using her hands. Gals online become "experts" at that type of Happy Finish. And in fact you have probably given yourself many Happy  Finishes!

Most gals follow one of two "techniques": 1. they ask the gentleman how he pleasures himself and they try to imitate his "technique", or: 2. they just use some sort of up and down "rub and tug" "technique". I emphasize the word "technique" because in reality most gals do not really follow any systematic process that could really be called a "technique".

I prefer to follow the "GEISHA GIRL" technique of providing a prolonged, erotic Happy  Finish. The chances are pretty good you have never visited a real Geisha Girl in Japan and thus you probably have no idea of what I am talking about. I would love to provide a ten-page description of a proper Geisha Girl Happy  Finish, but Sites censors such descriptions very, very heavily so I cannot do so online. That is why I have created this Webpage. (In fact, I can not even use the words “Happy  Finish”, “Head”, “Hands”, and many other simple words online because those words are censored!)

And I won't go into long detail over the phone to describe a Geisha Girl Happy    *Finish-- too many guys are simply trying to pleasure themselves while I give the description over the phone. So I will try to describe a Geisha Girl Happy  *Finish to you.

I offer two different kinds of Happy  Finishes: Traditional or Geisha.

For a Traditional Happy   *Finish, I use my hands in exactly the same way that you use your hands when you provide your own Happy   *Finish to your own masturbation sessions. In order to do this, I will need to ask you how you do this part when you are by yourself! If you use your right hand when you pleasure yourself, then I’ll use my right hand standing at your right side so that my hand is in the same position your hand would be in. If you use up and down motions with pressure on the downward motion, I will do the same. If you add a twisting motion, so will I. Perhaps you can show me a stroke or two! I will try to do as you would do unto yourself!

For a Geisha Happy   *Finish, I use my hands in exactly the same way that the Geisha Girls of Japan use their hands when they provide Happy   *Finish to gentlemen. It is extremely unlikely that you know what this is – unless you have been to Japan!! This Geisha type of Happy Ending is radically different than a Traditional Happy Finish usually given in the United States.

A Geisha Girl spends a considerable amount of time and effort diligently applying different techniques of an exquisitely erotic and sensual nature to the most private part of your body in an intelligent, thoughtful manner. A Geisha Girl keeps 2 hands on the gentleman’s shaft at all times, with both hands doing different things.

Usually, one hand strokes the shaft in upward/downward motions, sometimes with a gentle twisting motion, and using various degrees of pressure. This hand may extend down and caress the testicles from time to time, as desired, but never extends upward enough to touch the head of the penis.

The other hand focuses solely on the head of the shaft at all times. This hand explores the head of the penis much like your hand explores a clitoris and /or vagina – which is to say, with extreme interest! Sometimes the fingertips form a circle around the crest of the head, sometimes just one fingertip circles the crest. Sometimes the fingertips go up and down like an octopus. Sometimes the entire hand closes, using various degrees of pressure from time to time.

As the moment for the ultimate grand finale nears, the hand stroking the shaft increases pressure and intensity and speed, while the hand attending the head of the shaft forms itself into the shape of a honey pot opening. Your shaft will think it is pumping in and out of a girl's honey pot!

When you give yourself a Happy Finish, you probably follow the same exact routine each and every time, with no experimenting. You probably use the same hand in the same location using the same kind of stroke and the same amount of pressure. And when you visit a gal for a Happy Ending, she probably follows her own way of providing a Happy Finish– or perhaps asks you how you do it.

And as good as that description may sound, I know this: you’ll have a lot of personal favorite things! So tell them to me. I want you to have the best Happy Finish you can possibly have!

I do not have a video that shows me providing a Happy    *Finish. But I have found a video that I like, so I'll give you the site so you may watch for yourself. .


These two elements transform a good tantric session into a great tantric session. My technique incorporates continuity and predictability. Continuity means that from the time my hands first touch your body to formally commence our session until the time I adjourn, my hands never, never, never leave your body (except to get hot towel compresses and to clean my hands after touching your feet). Every second of every minute of that time, at least one of my hands will be touching your body. Never will I break contact completely. [The only exception to this will be when I complete the rub of your feet, then I will wash my hands so that I do not spread bacteria from your feet to the other areas of your body; I will tell you that I am going to go wash my hands and you will know that I will only be a few feet away.]

This continuity is very, very important. When a lady breaks contact, the client is disrupted. He doesn’t know where she is going or how long she will be gone. In reality, she is just going to get more oil or to move to the other side of the table, but in his imagination he doesn’t know where he are going or what she will do next. Imagine eating a great meal at a fine restaurant. You don’t expect the waiter/waitress to just swing by and unexpectedly remove your plate after you’ve had just a few bites and then return it a few moments later! You would be shocked by that behavior. Not surprisingly, you would be just as shocked if I take my hands off your body for a few moments during a massage/rub. Your body will not be pleased at unexpected interruptions!

Predictability is almost as important as continuity. When I pay attention to your first arm/hand, your mind will subconsciously note the methodical sequence of events. I will then replay that same exact methodical sequence when I pay attention to your next arm/hand, then your first leg/foot, then your next leg/foot. Your mind will already know what is coming. When continuity and predictability combine, your body will relax faster and further than ever before. You will feel just like a baby in a car seat going for a gentle car ride. [Yes, you may indeed fall asleep.]

No, I did not create these techniques. I did not even improve upon them. I simply copied them, learned them, and practiced them. Consider the world’s best artists today. Can we say that they learned their crafts distinct from the processes followed by Michelangelo? Can we say they improved upon his processes? Of course not. Nothing that the artists of today undertake can exceed his works. In the same way, I cannot claim that my body rubs are the most original on the planet or that they exceed those of Michelangelo’s girlfriend! The same is true in most professions today – what I do is not necessarily the most original, but it is unique to me, and I do the best I can do.


Please let me explain why I think I might be a good companion for you. First, I am beautiful and I have a great body. I have unblemished, perfect skin – silky smooth, wonderful to the touch. If you want to spend time with a woman, you might as well spend it with a beautiful woman with a great body and flawless skin! Even better:

Second, I am young. I am intelligent, mature and refreshing!! and I LOVE older men!!

Third, I have a great body and plenty of energy. If you want to run on the beach, I can keep up with you. No creaky knees, no arthritis, no whining and complaining!! I am an athlete!

Fourth, I am completely “normal” – no issues with alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, mental issues, spiritual issues; no hang-ups! No drugs for depression, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, etc.!! And I am healthy! No middle-aged diseases, no diseases of any age!

Fifth, I have a great attitude. I want to join you for a fun adventure that we will both enjoy immensely!

Sixth, you can have a great time without feeling guilty afterward. You can return home with a clear conscience and with absolutely no possibility of taking home some strange disease! I am meticulously clean and I am disease and drug and cigarette free, and we will not be doing anything that could lead to the transmission of strange diseases!

Seventh, I offer something that no one else can offer. And that is my one-of-a-kind personality. I am a very real person, as you will discover! I am playful and sensual as well, and you will discover that as soon as you call me – yes, that part of my personality reveals itself immediately on the phone! I am Sensual, seductive, and very sexy.

Eighth, I am perhaps the only gal in the United States who provides this exquisitely, wonderfully sensuous type of body rub session! No one else can even describe in more than 1 sentence what they do, let alone actually do it!

Let's Get Together

No Google Numbers or Tracfones Accepted. No need to try, I won't be able to see you.


60 minutes - 200 (The Abridged Session)

90 minutes - 250 (Nice Pampering Session)

120 minutes - 300 (Extended True Pampering Session as Described)

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